Play Pacman on Google Maps!

As you may know, Google as a good sense of humour and every year they like to make April Mop.

In 2014 they’ve already made a Pokemon mode, where you navigate on google map to catch all the Pokemons. Then also in 2013 where they changed the map style as a Pirate map  and where you had to find the booty.

This year they come back old school for a new mop: playing Pacman!!! Google made a partnership with Bandai Namco so we can turn our map into Pacman Mode. Pacman that will soon celebrate their 35 years old, and will appear also in a new movie this summer called “Pixel“.

If you live in US, you’ll be happy to enjoy the streets that are well arranged. But then it’s a pretty funny thing when it comes to Jakarta as you can see below.

Google Maps Pacman

Google Maps Pacman mode ON

How to do it?

Go on

Then Click on the Pacman Icon on the bottom left side of your screen

Google Maps Pacman

Click the Pacman icon for some fun

Finally: Enjoy some good old school!!

Now you can turn your Google Maps in Pacman Mode, let’s score! But I’m not sure it’s going to be a very productive day in there office though…

For those who wants to enjoy, Pixel’s trailer:

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